We got the chance to interview the guitarist and one of the vocalists of Jukebox The Ghost, Tommy Siegel, over email! Their publicist was very sweet and they responded quickly, which was pretty awesome.

A performance by JTG. Photo from their website.
A performance by JTG. Photo from their website.

Jukebox The Ghost is an indie pop/rock group from Washington, DC. They’ve been together since 2003 and have released four albums and three EPs, all of which are pretty rad. With their 11 years of history together, this group creates pop songs that are absolutely electric, refreshing, and strong. We love Jukebox The Ghost!

JTG. From their website.
JTG. From their website.

Indientry: Your sound has really evolved since 2008 (that’s the earliest of your albums on Spotify). How would you describe that change (not only the music but also yourselves as a band during that time) in three words?

Tommy Siegel: Hm. I think the more albums you make, the more liberating the process becomes. I’d say “giving less f**ks”. But like, in a good way.

IN:  The songwriting process is split up between Ben and Tommy, yeah? How does that affect the procedure?

TS: We each come to the table with songs and we pick and choose from there. Sometimes it’s difficult picking songs, but the more albums we make the less pressure everyone feels.

IN: What’s one food that you could eat your entire body-weight in?

TS: Bananas. And I often do.

IN: Very often, artists have musical influences that seep into their music. However, from your guys’ individual music tastes (from classical with Ben to 70’s-80’s with Jesse), that hasn’t really seemed to happen. How do you think this is?

TS: Well, I think it’s there if you listen carefully. Ben’s piano playing is very classically influenced in a way that doesn’t remind me of the rock chord comp-ing of Billy Joel/Elton John. I love angular guitar rock like Deerhoof, Television and Fugazi and I think it sometimes pokes through. It’s subtle though. We’re all meeting in the middle.

IN: Is there any specific message behind your music?

TS: Nahhhh. Honestly I’m not sure you’re being honest with yourself as a songwriter if you commit to a specific message. The best creative process, to me, is one where you follow what you’re feeling passionate about in the moment.

IN: Do any of you sing in the shower?

TS: Duh!

IN: What’s your favorite quote and why?

TS: “What’s your favorite quote and why?”

IN: What are all of you currently listening to?

TS: Jesse’s on a big Dylan kick. I’m loving Ava Luna’s new record. As for Ben — I’ll need to consult.

IN: You’re able to get rid of one US state. Which one, and why?

TS: That is an unpatriotic question and I don’t like the number 49 anyways.

IN: Do you guys expect to make more music together?

TS: Of course! Already starting mentally preparing for a fifth record — and we’ve been playing together for 11 years and still enjoying each other’s company. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Right?

IN: And finally, who would win in a fight: Spiderman or Batman?

TS: Batman. He’s rich and stuff.

Originally published on Indientry on August 6, 2015.