If you like Columbus-based power pop band WALK THE MOON, you’re going to absolutely adore White Label Analog. Despite some similarities in sound, White Label Analog is able to emulate WALK THE MOON while putting their own personal twist into it – creating something unique and shockingly refreshing. In their latest album, In Case You Just Tuned In, White Label Analog paints an upbeat, bouncy picture of delicious hooks and bright melodies.

The album cover.

Through smooth, groovy tracks with vocals surprisingly Brendon Urie-esque, White Label Analog put together a danceable album. Songs like RainmakerAl Capone, and Off The Wall (my personal favorites) are badass and filled with powerful bass lines, and provide a refreshing break from the occasionally repetitive album. Rarely, the band would slip into a sound that lacked a certain uniqueness to it – whether or not that’s a product of the genre, it led to my lack of focus. Regardless, the album has an overall warmth to it. The synth tracks are unique, the harmonies are intricate (you know what a sucker I am for good harmonies), and there’s even a cover of a Black Sabbath song (Hard Road) that incorporates a totally different, yet invigorating, sound. It’s also an excellent driving album, which is something I’m always on the lookout for.

The band, courtesy of whitelabelanalog.com.

At times, In Case You Just Tuned In sounds like Brendon Urie (of Panic! At The Disco) was featured on a Young The Giant album – which is a pretty fascinating concept, and of course my mind immediately jumps to the possibilities of that collaboration. Despite some rare disappointment in the form of repetition, I really do like this album. That too-similar sound is definitely overshadowed by all of the spectacular bits – the harmonies, the driving guitar, and the overall catchiness. It’s just too good! I’ve always been a WALK THE MOON fan, and you know from the recent show review that I’m getting into Young The Giant as well. White Label Analog is the perfect power pop band to complete the trifecta of upbeat indie goodness.

Originally published on Indientry on October 3, 2016.