Despite being made in a “strange and frightening time”, according to the band’s Facebook, Sleep On It’s new EP, Lost Along The Way is anything but. Formed in Chicago in 2013, the pop-punk band is making their debut on Equal Vision Records. And what a debut it is: power chords, angsty lyrics, and raw vocals – everything needed to fulfill the recipe of a perfect pop-punk record. With Lost Along The Way, Sleep On It is proving that punk is, indeed, not dead.

The album cover, courtesy of the band’s bandcamp.

Despite a sound that’s vaguely reminiscent of early All Time Low, Sleep On It manages to keep this EP pretty unique. It’s catchy, it’s angsty, it’s just the right amount of heavy: it’s classic (you guessed it!) pop-punk. Counting Miles‘s danceable guitar riffs combine with frontman Zech Pluister’s raw vocals to create the epitome of the genre, but without becoming a cliché. The band’s twist on their sound, whether that’s injecting a pop vibe into the last two tracks, Unspoken and Let Me Go, or throwing a tricky guitar solo into the mix, keeps your interest as the EP progresses, instead of becoming boring with too-similar sounds. However, power chords and a youthful angst are what truly characterize this EP, as with any good rock record.

The band.

This EP is a wholesome pop-punk record. I’m always looking for a band who puts their own twist on the classic rock sound, and Sleep On It creates that perfectly with Lost Along The Way. If you don’t get my point yet, let me put it this way: It makes me feel like I should be dancing along in a grimy bar, lamenting about being stuck in my hometown.

Originally published on Indientry on October 27, 2016.