Starting out as a solo project by now-lead vocalist Sierra Mollenkopf, Columbus-based First Responder is as dynamic as they are enchanting. They’re four self-proclaimed “goons makin’ tunes”, and that whimsical attitude shows through their latest EP, In My Dreams, My Windows Faced West, out this Friday.

The EP cover.

The EP has two distinct sounds: the first two tracks feel more solid, whereas in the last two, Mollenkopf’s distinct voice keeps you grounded while listening to the floaty guitar. To start off, Hey Bud‘s mellow vibe features her clear, sweet voice on top of intricate drumming patterns and unexpected electric guitar. Rental Textbook builds on that sound, creating a catchy, upbeat track while maintaining the chill vibe. The feeling changes with Heavy Snow and Tea Leaves, both showing off faraway, ethereal guitars. Here, Mollenkopf’s voice cuts through the sound to keep you from drifting away, layering over the guitar to create a sharp contrast that’s surprisingly soothing.

The band, courtesy of their Facebook.

Listening to First Responder was the perfect way for me to take a break from studying for my upcoming exams. I’d become enthralled with Sierra Mollenkopf’s voice as soon as I heard it with Oh! Demos, but I loved this EP even more. If you live in the Columbus area, try to make it out to one of their shows. If not, check them out! You won’t regret it.

Preorder First Responder’s In My Dreams, My Windows Faced West here. It’s out this Friday, December 16th, so don’t wait!

Originally published on Indientry on December 11, 2016.