Overlaying smooth poetry over synth can result in any number of vibes, and Stray Weather has proven exactly that. With some fast-paced tracks and some more eerie, vocalist Mikey Brown’s slam poems are enthralling from start to finish in Stray Weather’s debut EP, Tragedy.

The EP cover.

In a five-song slam poetry hip-hop EP, Mikey Brown and his crew of musicians show off their “spoken word and rap over hip hop, electronica, drum and bass and trap” in Tragedy. From the fast-paced Right Isn’t Right, where Brown spits rhythms like his world is on fire and his words are the water, to the opener, Weathered, which is eerie and haunting with dark and stormy synth. The sound moves from haunting to fiery to smooth again, finally ending on an instrumental-free poem, L.

Every word is intriguing. From humorous lines like, “I suppose you’re right/I have princess hair” in Right Isn’t Right, to more serious ones, Brown captures your attention and refuses to let it go.


The band.

Although Stray Weather generally isn’t the type of music we’d be covering, Mikey Brown uses every word to intrigue and capture your attention. Combined with this ever-changing synth base, it creates something truly unique. Out January 21, check out Stray Weather’s Tragedy.

Originally published on Indientry on January 19, 2017.