Happy Women’s History Month! In honor of all of the strong “nasty women” out there, every album review that is posted on Indientry for the month of March will feature daring females. Check out the full list here!

Recommendations from friends can be hit-or-miss sometimes, especially since my music taste can be oddly specific. However, Cherry Chrome was right on the mark – this spunk rock quartet from Columbus captured my attention (and my heart!) almost immediately after I listened to their self-titled EP.

The album cover.

With a grand total of five songs, Cherry Chrome has a sound unlike pretty much any band I’ve heard lately. The vocals from lead singer, Xenia Bleveans-Holm, are simultaneously dreamy and powerful, high yet not strained. Combine this with striking harmonies, a pulsing vintage feel, and killer instrumentals, and my man, you’ve got quite the EP.

Everything about this album is somehow chill and intense. I know, I know, that makes no sense – until you’ve heard it. It’s all dreamy guitars, soft percussion, and gorgeous harmonies and vocals, but when you put it together, the sound is shockingly passionate and animated. Cherry Chrome is the polar opposite of “apathetic”. My personal favorite song, besides the self-recorded Acid Sea demo at the end of the EP, is definitely The Edge. It’s six minutes of dreamy, ethereal rock, throwing precision out the window in favor of the emotional factor.

Most of the band (missing its drummer, David).

It’s easy for me to fall in love with female musicians – what’s not to love? – but Cherry Chrome was a special case. Their sound is super unique, and I absolutely adore their lead singer’s voice and the harmonies. I hear this band is excellent live, although I’ve never seen them play – just another reason to love them! Seriously, go listen to Cherry Chrome. Anyway, I’ve been listening to this EP for a month. It’s that good – in fact, I was excited for my Women’s History Month theme just so that I could write about this EP. Seriously, go listen to Cherry Chrome.

Originally published on Indientry on March 5, 2017.