Happy Women’s History Month! In honor of all of the strong “nasty women” out there, every album review that is posted on Indientry for the month of March will feature daring females. Check out the full list here!

Since The Regrettes are coming to town on Saturday for CD102.5 Day Side B, and they’re a killer feminist pop-punk band, I decided that this album is an excellent way to close out Women’s History Month. They’re cool, they’re powerful, and they’re just the right amount of in-your-face, meet The Regrettes with Feel Your Feelings Fool!.

regrettesThis band takes influence from the pop-punk greats of the past, putting their own “girl power” spin on the sound to create a catchy, unapologetic album full of punchy feminist lyrics. A perfect example: A Living Human Girl‘s bold lyrics of, “I bleed once a month/and sometimes when I shave I get little red bumps”, telling the world that she’s not afraid to show off the real person that she is. 

In between out-there lyrics, intense guitar and nearly overwhelming percussion weave together for a seamless instrumental background – but seamless doesn’t mean boring, because this album is anything but. Any time the sound starts to seem too repetitive, The Regrettes switch it up a song later, whether that’s Pale Skin‘s slightly dreamy instrumental and grounding edgy vocals or Ladylike/WHATTA BITCH, with cheeky spoken vocals and heavy guitar.

My personal favorites, Lacy Loo and Head In The Clouds, are consecutive, but nothing alike. The former, more along the lines of classic pop-punk, is catchy and powerful, with confident vocals similar to the rest of the album. Head In The Clouds, however, is different – those sassy vocals return again, layered between bursts of instrumental and gorgeous harmonies.

theregrettesjenrosenstein.jpgThis is actually quite a coincidence – a good friend of mine was just in New York, where she saw The Regrettes play and loved them. Of course, when she came home, she told me all about this awesome girl punk band, so I had to check them out – only to discover the show this Saturday!

Anyway, I’ve been listening to Feel Your Feelings Fool! for about the whole week and I can’t seem to get Lacy Loo out of my head. Empowering, bold, and just the right amount of restless, this is an essential album for any pop-punk feminist.