In the three years since the release of Strange Desire, it’s no surprise that Jack Antonoff, AKA Bleachers, has matured, both in sound and personality. However, the release of Gone Now on Friday left me nearly stunned with fresh rhythms and catchy melodies, summery hooks and haunting vocals.

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As someone who loved Bleachers right from the start, it was relieving to hear hints of Antonoff’s “old” sound mixed in with the new. Overlapping synth and pounding drumbeats were only two of many connections to Strange Desire. Even though Antonoff may have matured, he definitely has not lost sight of his original sound – and that’s the mark of a true musician, one who knows exactly where he belongs.

Each song elicited a new reaction as I listened to the album on repeat. Foreign Girls‘ cool choral vocals rendered me speechless; I Miss Those Days and Everybody Lost Somebody brought nostalgic tears to my eyes as I sat in the parking lot after a friend’s graduation; Hate That You Know Me was, to put it simply, a bop: I couldn’t stop dancing. Antonoff’s music has always been able to tap right into my emotions, and Gone Now is definitely no exception.

The sound of the album reaches the same level of awe-inspiring as the rest of it. From the cool syncopated rhythms to intricate overlapping, Bleachers definitely breaks the alt-pop mold with just the right amount of “weirdness” thrown in with typical synth and smooth vocals.


Bleachers has always held a special place in my heart. As my first real venture into “alternative” music back in 2014, I fell in love with Antonoff’s smooth vocals and the waves of synth that embodied Strange Desire. Of course, I’ve been excited about Gone Now since it was announced, and it certainly has not been disappointing.

What began as a side project of a member of Fun. has blossomed into something so much more important, and I’ll never stop loving Bleachers – especially if Antonoff keeps putting out material like this.

Originally published on Indientry on June 4, 2017.