Sometimes, you get to discover a band in a seriously cool way. In this case, I quite literally stumbled upon Andy Suzuki & The Method – I was on my way downtown and walked past a pop-up show in a New York City subway station. Immediately, I was hooked, running back to get a glimpse of the band’s name before I had to catch my train. As soon as I had service again, I googled the band and listened to the band’s buoyant indie pop album, “The Glass Hour”, on repeat for the rest of the night.


It’s surprisingly fluid for such a blend of genres: folk, indie pop, rock and R&B. Instead of seeming disjointed, however, everything is creamy and smooth with a bit of an edge. “I Need You More (The More You Leave)” embodies this well: it begins sweet and thick, bursting into something more with hard snare and gorgeous backup vocals. The track has just enough energy to keep itself from getting sticky, and the hints of R&B are irresistibly danceable.

Even when tracks are slightly heavier, like “I Can’t Live”, there’s no rush to get through the song. This track, in particular, has a shift in tone to having more power, but no less mellowness. Throughout the album, songs shift from chill to strong and back again. “I Can’t Live” is almost immediately followed by “Shelter”, which sounds like the classic prom slow-dance – but with a twist. This dichotomy between relaxed and powerful is what makes the album work, though. It’s a give-and-take between each genre, shifting just enough to keep it interesting but not too much to be jarring.

I don’t think I’ve ever loved a band as quickly as I did Andy Suzuki & The Method. Within seconds of hearing Andy’s energy in that subway station, I was hooked. It’s a blend of indie pop, rock, R&B and folk – sounds too complicated, but it comes together in a surprisingly simplistic, buoyant album. Definitely go check out “The Glass Hour”, y’all. This is the coolest discovery of the week. When you do, let me know what you think in the comments!

Originally published on Indientry on June 22, 2017.