Despite using the same two words for the band’s name, their album, and this EP, “Something Else?” is far less “traditional punk” than the Columbus band’s previous full-length. It alternates between acoustic and electrified, and although angsty lyrics run throughout the EP, Something Else utilizes catchy melodies and hypnotic hooks to capture your attention.

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Opening with smoky purple-toned guitar riffs, “The Fool” sets the stage for an EP as edgy and bold as the track’s defiant lyrics. It’s not quite mellow, but definitely less intense than Something Else’s self-titled album from 2016. The difference is highlighted even more in the following dark pastel-colored acoustic track, “Tonight”, opening with delicate picking. It feels a little more pop-inspired in the sense that sticky melodies and folky riffs are repeated throughout, but vocalist Aidan Hall definitely maintains the band’s punk roots.

Despite the thick and moderately-fuzzy hooks on “Nobody Has To Know”, I’ve always been wary of the lyric subject matter – the need to hide who you’re with – unless it’s an obvious safety issue. Other than that, however, it’s yet another sturdy song with warbling vocals and sharp instrumentals. The EP closes with a live acoustic demo (“I Don’t Miss You”) that has lyrics that seem like it should be vengeful but instead come across as bittersweet and heartbroken.


Despite being far from the “screaming punk guitars” described on Something Else’s website, the four tracks on the “Something Else?” EP are solid. It’s definitely a change of pace from what I usually listen to. The urge to make a bad pun with the band’s name here is stronger than ever, but it’s painfully obvious so I’ll abstain and leave you with a link to Something Else’s Spotify page to listen instead.

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Originally published on Indientry on July 20, 2017.