In what’s meant to be the missing link between “Stomachaches” and “Parachutes”, Frank Iero and the Patience is back with another fiery, punked-up EP: “Keep The Coffins Coming”, which comes out Friday, September 22.

34942782-5649-48d6-8ea1-593e1d7d7a72“Keep The Coffins Coming” is the exact midpoint between the two albums: not quite as ragged as “Parachutes,” but less polished than “Stomachaches.” The Patience hasn’t changed, though; Iero maintains his warbling vocals and Nestor keeps up the sharp guitar riffs. It’s a little edgy but still typical for the band.

The EP opens with an alternate version of “I’m A Mess,” one of my favorites off of “Parachutes.” The biggest difference is that it’s not as harsh; but then, that seems to be the theme of this EP. It’s followed by a full-band version of “BFF,” a well-loved song written by Iero’s daughter, and “No Fun Club,” which sounds like it could have come straight from an early My Chemical Romance album. The EP closes with a fuzzed-out cover of “You Are My Sunshine,” which I first heard a little over a year ago at a FIATP live show.


If you’re a Frank Iero fan, there’s no doubt that you’ll love this EP. It’s typical of the band, if a little trite, but the tempestuous rendition of “You Are My Sunshine” is not one to miss. As per usual, The Patience – spelled “Patients” on this album cover in reference to the band’s nasty bus accident last fall – stays hard and heavy throughout. For more of that, check out “Keep The Coffins Coming,” coming tomorrow!

Originally published on Indientry on September 21, 2017.