If the anthemic lyric on Jetty Bones‘ last EP, “Crucial States,” was “You never took me to see the ocean,” this time it comes from “Innocent Party.” As a uniting cry, I’ve seen one line (“I wasn’t always the person that I am now/But I worked so hard to get here”) posted all over social media since the release of “Old Women” on Friday, October 6.

81oUaeCejvL._SL1400_The lyric is an accurate representation of the EP; personal growth looks to be a common theme running throughout. Where “Crucial States” was melancholy, “Old Women” seems to be a little less subdued. It’s not as though Kelc Galluzzo, the woman behind Jetty Bones, is completely healed from the trauma that caused the first EP, but it seems as though she’s sure as hell determined to work on it.

Otherwise, the pop-rock EP is still just as electric as Galluzzo’s highlighter-yellow hair. Poppy melodies and rockin’ guitar permeate the five tracks, and although there are moments of vulnerability – like the entirety of “Morning Clothes” or the very end of “Clear Honey” – the EP is danceable and high-energy. I must admit, I’m not a fan of the Antonoff-esque hand-claps over snare percussion, but the otherwise enthusiastic rock tends to be stuck-in-your-head catchy.

Repetition and parallels are littered throughout the EP. In the first track, “Clear Honey,” a lyrical and musical distinction is made between the upbeat, driving chorus (“Honey, have you seen the view from up here?”) and the subdued bridge (“Honey, have you seen the view from down there?”) to prove Galluzzo’s vulnerability. Later, “No Lover” uses reiteration (“While hardly making progress/progressing is a process/I’m processing everything that I’ve been through so far”) as both an aesthetic function and to repeat the themes of the difficulty of growth.

21149974_1915399002055620_5877724215955036960_nThe EP ends on a somewhat hopeful note: “Spokes” uses imagery regarding a tough climb and trying not to fall while dealing with overwhelming personal struggle. Galluzzo and Dylan Mattheisen of Tiny Moving Parts croon about the importance of continuing to push in a difficult situation (“Just one foot at a time until the ice melts/push past the feelings that you felt”). It ties back to that standout anthemic line in “Innocent Party,” showing the importance of continuing to move and grow even when things suck. 

Check out the latest in the Jetty Bones saga, “Old Women,” out now. If you’re itching to see the band live, Jetty Bones finishes their tour with The Wonder Years tonight, unfortunately, but you’ll get another chance at Columbus’s Shot Fest on October 22.

Originally published on Indientry on October 8, 2017.