Bleacher Days’ latest pop-punk EP, “I Only Saw True Purpose,” stays almost too true to its genre; rocking guitars are combined with poppy melodies and driving rhythms to form a solid sound, and it’s nothing if not filled with angst.

BD_IOSTP_1600x1600.pngSimilar to bands like Neck Deep, As It Is, and Sum 41, “I Only Saw True Purpose” tends to lean towards predictably angsty. It is about the end of the lead singer’s 7-year relationship, after all. For the most part, it’s difficult to discern lyrics, but the relatable chorus in “Once Again” stands out (“I let the cold air get the best of me, once again/And I can’t seem to find the remedy/for all of the sh*t I’ve been dealing with/stare at the ceiling till blankets cover my head/and start this over again”).

The classic grinding guitar, catchy melodies, and slightly nasal vocals – the hallmarks of pop-punk – are a constant presence, and although the album isn’t bad, it’s not really anything new. “All Out War” has a bit more impact than the rest; the screaming unclean vocals, in the beginning, are an invigorating change. There is an obligatory acoustic track, as with many pop-punk albums – in this case, titled “Demons.” The last song on this EP is the best, however: “Low Eyes, Low Life” closes out the album with fast-paced rhythms, spitting lyrics, and a catchy, driving melody.

img_0410.jpgBleacher Days’ sound falls inside of the typical pop-punk box; driving, catchy, and with plenty of poppy angst, the six tracks seem to be perfect for an invigorating live show. “I Only Saw True Purpose” may not be anything new, but it’s still talented music for the genre, and there’s just enough punch to keep crowds moving.

For those who live in Columbus, you’re in luck; the band will be performing at the Donato’s Basement on December 13 with one of our favorites, Heroes Like Villains. Click here for more information!

Originally published on Indientry on December 7, 2017.