There’s a winter storm hitting most of the United States this week, and we’re beginning to hit the worst months of the season – the months when the snow is gray and gross, or when the weather is bitterly cold and icy but there are no days off, or when it starts to look like it’ll never warm up.

Not to worry, though; The Bad Bees’ “Big Pretty” is just warm and colorful enough to break up any dreary winter week – the indie rock EP is complete with animated guitar riffs and bright vocals.

Cover art by Antonio Esposito.

Every song on “Big Pretty” is metallic and bright; shimmering choruses and glittering harmonies stand out alongside tangy vocals. It’s all shiny indie rock, and nothing is rushed – five chill tracks take their time, meandering through verses and intricate instrumental bridges. Although it tends to feel just a little bit hollow, there’s a bluesy twang that adds an extra layer to the EP.

The first track, “Paled by the Mood”, switches up the typical indie rock sound on the rest of the EP. It moves through several sections with different tempos, but it’s not as if The Bad Bees can’t make up its mind. Instead, one boppy melody ties it all together, and the transitions are natural while the band experiments with rhythms and instrumentals.


Although the “Big Pretty” EP errs on the repetitive side (see: “BooWho”), the bright, metallic vibes are much-needed at this time of year – especially in Columbus, where the snow is no longer pretty and instead just another reminder of the bitter cold outside.

Check out the EP below!

Originally published on Indientry on January 7, 2018.