The Fleeting Ends wavers back and forth between bright alternative rock and bluesy indie on its latest album, I Know You Lie Cos So Do I, and while the band seems to excel at both ends of the spectrum, tracks that fall in the middle–“Waiting for the Drop” and “How Much Longer”, for example–feel almost as if they’re missing something.


There’s something electric about the bright-neon indie rock that opens the album on “20 Something”; maybe it’s the grinding, upbeat guitar riffs, or maybe it’s frontman Matt Vantine’s husky vocals, but the track has a fuzziness that feels charged rather than grungy. It’s driving and a little messy, so the transition to the more muted, groovy “2die4” is mildly jarring.

The next two tracks, however, have that hollow tone that comes from a slightly awkward blend of bluesy indie and alternative rock. “Waiting for the Drop” and “How Much Longer” certainly don’t lack the funky groove from the previous track, but they do seem to be missing a key ingredient that would lend more substance: energy. The music on this midpoint of the album simply feels less intense than the two previous tracks.

Next, however, The Fleeting Ends recover from the two awkward tracks with a folkier sound on the second half of IKYLCSDI. There’s something almost effervescent in “Prove It” with its intricate, heavy guitar picking and airy vocals, and although “Life’s a Shortcut” is a little warped at first, there’s a thickness to the shiny guitar in both it and the following track, “Ache”.


Photo by Emily Morgan Madera.

The album closes with “Juniper”, a cute, acoustic track with light harmonies and a folksy influence; the track comes as a simple sigh of relief at the end of an album that warbles back and forth between genres. The band is able to carve out a nook in multiple genres, but when tracks fall on the blurred lines between sounds, they seem to lose confidence and energy, but between the poppy rock and funky indie tracks, The Fleeting Ends has covered a wide range with I Know You Lie Cos So Do I.

Originally published on Indientry on February 18, 2018.