There’s something about Brooklyn-based Bedrooms’ latest EP, Tangerine, that is reminiscent of springtime. The five indie pop tracks are nothing if not shimmery, and there’s an effortless accessibility to the muted golden tones that accompany lyrics centered around love and heartbreak.

screen-shot-2018-03-29-at-3-39-53-pm.jpg“Change Your Mind” serves as a gentle intro to the rest of the album, showcasing the same muted guitar tones as the other four tracks. It’s almost like a citrusy ballad, with just a bit of bite in the chorus where, aided by a vocal track that seems to have been duplicated and dropped a few octaves, the song gains a surprising thickness and depth while maintaining an easy-listening feel.

Despite the same muted tones, the next track, “Always”, blends a jazzy chord progression with what feels like a hip-hop cadence, with an impeccably smooth rap verse from Jay Americana thrown into the mix. It’s still springy and carries an easy energy without becoming anything more than meandering. “Blu Skies” follows and is, ironically, reminiscent of warm, wet days in spring, sitting in the grass after a hard rain and smelling the new growth that comes from a heavy storm.

“On the Couch” serves as a brief 54-second piano interlude before “Fun and Games” closes the EP in a somewhat new direction, with less gentleness and instead, a pleasingly simple, echoing guitar track with a bit of an edge.

On these rainy days in Ohio that are hopefully indicative of spring, I am always looking for music like this, that is gentle and mellow; I look for easy-listening tracks that make me feel like the sun will come out eventually, and the citrusy, upbeat tones of Bedrooms’ Tangerines EP are exactly that–there’s a gentle energy that makes me feel hopeful about springtime.

Originally published on Indientry on March 29, 2018.