Released earlier this month on June 16, Two Meters’ self-titled EP is a smorgasbord of sound. Jumping between dreamy pop and experimental folk, the only common thread is a gauzy sound and darkly haunting lyrics.

a0066285144_10The EP opens with “Left Behind,” a slow, dreamy shoegaze track about the death of frontman Tyler Costolo’s mother. Faded vocals break through a wall of buzzing acoustic guitar picking as Costolo sings, “There was the time/where I woke up late/and you not at all”. The track blooms into something more substantial near the end, with fuzz and synth, but still maintains its melancholy tinge.

“Captive Audience” continues a similarly folky sound with simple acoustic guitar, although Costolo’s vocals are intentionally dull. A layer of whispering vocals behind the already-deadened singing contributes to the spooky lack of emotion as he sings disturbing lyrics about an abusive relationship (“I was your hostage/but had no idea”).

The third track is the only one that feels out of place on the EP; “Current Sequel” is short and frantic, clocking in at less than two minutes. The same dull vocals are present, this time accompanied by heavy, chaotic, bell-toned synth in the background. It feels misplaced among the other, gauzier tracks on the album.

0013162781_10.jpg“Trapped Inside” returns to the same wispy sound, however. It is a track about sleep paralysis, and all of the sounds seem to run together in a blur as Costolo sings, “But at night/my teeth are falling out/Fight my mind/but ignores my shout”. The EP closes with “Web”, a track that represents Two Meters well as a whole; it is shoegazey, dreamy, and a little weirdly dark.

Originally published on Indientry on June 28, 2018.