Sometimes, all the week needs is a bouncy indie pop album about sirens and love and loss: in this case, Small Million‘s Young Fools EP, out this Friday, October 12. With seven tracks and clocking in at just over 23 minutes, it’s not too long to become tedious, but the band is able to explore their sound, experimenting with harmonies and electronics.

SmallMillion_YoungFoolsEP_coverart.jpgThe music on the EP is light and delicate pop, although in certain tracks – “LONE” and “This Is Where It Ends” – it builds in sweeping, grandiose waves until the melody feels almost too massive for the song itself to contain it. The tracks are rich and textured, and the band was able to develop its sound into something quirkier and deeper than just indie pop. Stylistically, the music is almost reminiscent of Jetty Bones‘s upbeat melodies, although where Jetty Bones is thick and pop-punk, Small Millions leans towards sparse and slowly building pop.

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It is hard to pick a standout track on this EP. Although “Sirens” is a catchy, cute love song with gorgeously harmonizing vocals about sirens who fall in love with each other rather than sailors, “Young Fools” is a little more mellow and bittersweet as vocalist Malachi Graham reminisces, singing, “That night when all the lights went out in our place/We strung a cord from our friends next door to play the stereo/So we could dance in the dark.”

The last two tracks, too, are powerful. “Bullets In The Bower” is impossibly thick and intricate, with seemingly endless layers of vocals and looping melody. It is bitter and sad but still maintains its light energy as Graham sings, “There ain’t a kiss that’ll wake her now/Gotta leave it to the bower to lay this body down.” The EP’s closing track, “Outro (Cathedrals)”, is only one minute and nineteen seconds while Graham howls with a shockingly high range, “The cathedral I built/Is coming down,” yet it is a haunting minute that echoes after the Young Fools EP ends.

Photo by Kale Chesney.

It can be nearly impossible to write an indie pop EP that is not tediously similar in every track while maintaining energy and catchiness as well as interesting lyrics. Small Million’s Young Fools EP, however, checks all of those boxes and more with its seven irrestistible tracks. The EP drops this Friday, October 12, but in the meantime, check out its singles below.

Originally published on Indientry on October 7, 2018.