Album artwork for  Restless Disposition.  (Photo provided by Matt Monta)


Americana band Matt Monta & The Haymakers will debut its second full-length release on Friday, April 27 at Rumba Cafe.

The album, titled Restless Disposition, comes as a third installation in the band’s discography after five years of writing and recording music together. It was recorded, mixed and mastered with producer and engineer Joe Viers at Sonic Lounge Studios.

The record can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter, where The Haymakers have been raising money to cover a fraction of the production cost so that they can continue to create music. Donation perks include CDs, live performances and the opportunity to play nine holes of golf with Matt Monta himself.

Restless Disposition explores themes of past, present and future; specifically, it deals with reflection on days gone by and the way that those musings impact the present and future. “Seasonal Lover,” one of two singles off of the album, discusses could-have-beens and alternate worlds with day-dreamed loves.

Beforehand, Monta shared his completed album, and it oozes of Americana. Right from the jump, Matt Monta & The Haymakers channel its inner Eagles with “Slow Summer Rising.” Monta’s harmonica and deeply active voice reek of Americana, and it’s beautiful. David Butler’s organ rings as Monta’s chorus comes to a loud then neat ending, a formula he has down pat on this record.

Gears begin to turn away from traditional Americana by the time the sounds of a melted radio broadcast surprises new listeners on the song “President’s Face.” The subtle twang is still present, but the song takes on a more rigid life than the happy-go-lucky tracks of Restless Disposition.

A little later on, Monta is observed at his most versatile and balanced on “Infinite Loops.” He’s forced to keep his voice low and crescendo up throughout the track, bending around each folky, transcendent turn. Yes, there are basic elements to this track, but the layering is intricate and precise. Monta and his Haymakers pay attention to detail, and your whisked away along the band’s journey.

The next-to closer was the other single, also reviewed by our own Sam Kayuha. In a previous review, he said:

“I Won’t Be Scared” is a triumphant ode to defiance. Its poetic verses have the feel of a folk song with a beat that seems to be counting down to the powerful chorus. The Haymakers match the emotion behind Monta’s voice, riding with it until the song reaches its highest point: the final chorus, when Monta’s fearlessness is most convincing.

Matt Monta & The Haymakers plans to play the new album in its entirety at the release party, accompanied by surprise musical guests. Local rockers MOBILE HOME will open the show.

Pre-sale tickets cost $7 and the music begins at 9 p.m. at Rumba Cafe, 2507 Summit Street. The show is open to all ages; however, those under 21 must pay an extra $2 at the door.

Originally published on In The Record Store on April 26, 2018.