In a stunning follow-up to their EP 378 Vol. 1, Columbus post-punk band The Bascinets has returned with their second EP in the series, 378 Vol. 2. In contrast to the previously sunny release, however, Vol. 2 is darker, slower, and has just a touch more turmoil.


This EP once again swings between feelings; where “Outside All The Birds Are Gone” feels peachy and warm with its neatly-packaged melodic guitar picking, “Universal Love” is cooler in both temperature and tone despite its still-upbeat, bouncy licks. The opening track, “Bikes”, is bouncy with prominent percussion and just the tiniest bit of distortion, and its sweet and rich disposition stands in stark contrast with the EP’s closer, “Turn”, which is slower and lighter as vocalist Nick Wellman sings, “I talk to you from the inside/And nowhere else.”

The standout track on the EP, however, is “Harold In Conversation”; it is faster-paced yet not frantic, remaining controlled and tight throughout. The energy is much higher, driving the track but standing out on an album that is otherwise a little slower and lighter. Again, however, its lyrics are vibrant and rich with imagery as frontman Tristan Huygen croons, “He thinks out loud now/Eyes royal blue turn robin’s egg/He’s in a rain cloud/’At least the view is overhead’.”

outside.1.BW.2- (1) (1).jpg

Similarly to the previous EP, Vol. 2 wavers back and forth between beachy tracks and more mellow, autumn-feeling ones. This is no surprise, however, considering its September 27, 2018 release date – right when the weather in Ohio couldn’t decide whether it was still summer or turning into fall. Regardless, the tracks stand the test of the changing seasons, holding up just as well in this bitterly cold beginning to November.

Originally published on Indientry on November 11, 2018.