Even as an unsigned indie group, Tiger Mimic‘s sound on their debut EP, Elephant Skeleton, is unforgettable. The alternative rock music contained in its five tracks is modern, cool and nothing if not unique, and it is more and more enthralling as each second passes.

artworks-000469091601-776a81-t500x500.jpgThe music on Elephant Skeleton shifts with every song, but it all nestles neatly into the same niche of modern alternative rock. Common themes of hard, rocking guitar riffs and moody vocals abound, and each song throws something new into the mix, whether that’s the title track’s dystopian-sounding drone behind vocalists Jess Rhodes and Bram Johnson or the eerie descending chorus of vocals behind Rhodes as she croons her way through the bridge of “I Took Off My Body”.

Throughout the EP, there are countless chill-inducing moments, whether that comes from pretty harmonies on the title track or the spooky repetition of, “Waiting in the dark,” on the third song. Thus, Tiger Mimic’s specific brand of alternative rock feels mysterious and eerie simply by nature, leaving listeners hanging on to every second of the music.

It all feels dark, like navy blue and deep purple hues, and its lyrics match that mood: the adrenaline-filled “Don’t Cover Up My Eyes” feels tinged with danger as Rhodes sings, “Please untie my hands/I promise I won’t run.” Later on the EP, lyrics like, “I took off my body/And no one was inside,” paint an unnerving picture as the guitar and bass punctuate the empty space behind the vocals.

“Salt Woman” is the standout track on the EP, though; the band transitions effortlessly between Johnson’s fast-paced spitting of lyrics and Rhodes’s gentler vocals. It is thrilling and heavier at first, but things slow down all of a sudden with the introduction of Rhodes, and they speed back up again when Johnson resumes. The quick shifts are not jarring, however; whether it is because Johnson does not come across as frantic or because both tempos maintain the band’s consistent sound, each section of the song fits together neatly.

Tiger Mimic Sm.jpg
Photo by Jo Martin-Kelly/JMK Productions.

Though Elephant Skeleton is only the first EP from these London rockers, it leaves listeners itching for more quirky, modern rock from the group. There is no doubt that it marks a strong start for the band, so keep an eye on their social media and website for any further exciting news.

Originally published on Indientry on January 22, 2019.