Indie pop four-piece Foundlings has had an exciting two years of existence: the group formed in October of 2017 and wasted no time making a name for itself. 2018 gave the band a nationwide tour, a few single releases and many gigs, so for the past year, the band has been setting the stage for the release of its 2019 Foundlings EP, its first release on not-for-profit Scottish record label Last Night From Glasgow.

The EP, out March 1, is a five-track exploration of the distinctive sound that the band has quickly built for itself. It’s a blend of influences, yes, but Foundlings has also clearly carved out a niche in the indie pop world by twisting pop and rock and punk elements into a tasteful, brilliant EP.

tUYMfz_0.jpgFoundlings explores a wide range of sounds on their self-titled EP’s five tracks, but despite a shift from pop to punk and back again, lead vocalist Amber Price ties the whole record together with her smooth, hooting vocals.

Perhaps the two most drastic ends of the spectrum are “Caught Up On You” and “Busan”; the former has a splash of pop sensibility with its cheery riffs, even as it masks some not-so-cheery lyrics (“Every now and then/I still see you/Can we not pretend you’ve forgotten?”). “Busan”, on the other hand, is driven by punky bass and feels harder and heavier within just the first few seconds. At first, the guitar seems almost like a side piece to the drums and bass, but its wailing quickly cuts through the fray to the front, and Price’s vocals still maintain a poppy element.

And then there are the songs that bridge the gap. “Fall Out” is the last song on the record, but it is also the standout: it’s thick and rich with grungy guitar, poppy hand-clapping percussion and smooth bass licks that back up Price’s strong vocals. It’s a catchy closer despite its air of heartbreak (“Fall out/Fall out/Of your mind”), and to top off the track, vocal harmonies at the very end add an extra layer of decadence to the poppy rhythms and fuzzy guitar riffs.

vg7uNcVn.jpgDespite already having garnered plenty of accomplishments and attention, Foundlings is slated to have an exciting year in 2019. They already have gigs planned across the UK and are in the midst of organizing a European tour, so keep an eye on the band’s social media (FacebookTwitterInstagram) to stay up-to-date on show information. And, more importantly, check out the band’s Foundling EP release Friday.

Update: This article was updated on Friday, March 1 to include the EP stream.

Originally published on Indientry on February 28, 2019.