Nashville indie Americana-rock trio Jon Worthy & The Bends released “Takin’ My Time,” an appealing, vulnerable track full of folky melodies, on Friday, May 17. There is still more to come, however; the song is the second single from the band’s upcoming third full-length record, Something’s Gotta Give, which will be released on June 28.

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On the surface, “Takin’ My Time” seems like a straightforward folk-rock song with effortless vocals and sweet violins. However, its lyrical content goes a little deeper; the track captures the emotional swells that resulted when lead singer Jon Worthy went through a breakup, and its honest lyrics are universal to those going through the same heartbreak (“I’ve been takin’ my time/Trying to level my mind”).

“‘Takin’ My Time’ came about during a brutal part in my life. A 5-year relationship ended and I was struggling to come to terms with where I would go from there. Everything I had known and expected to happen in the future was gone,” said Worthy in an email. “This song is all about finding yourself again and coming up with a new identity.”

That post-relationship angst is palpable; it makes for an emotionally resonant song. The desperation builds throughout the track with increasingly intense violins and folky guitar, and the track finally ends with a clean stop, though Worthy yelps, “It’s killing me,” through to the bitter end.

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 5.03.19 PM.jpgThe band’s upcoming album, Something’s Gotta Give, will be released on June 28, but in the meantime, check out “Takin’ My Time” via YouTube below and find Jon Worthy & The Bends on all streaming platforms now.

Originally published on Indientry on May 17, 2019.