British synth-pop duo Thandii teased its upcoming EP (Serious Town, out July 5 on Bad Hacker) Friday with the release of “Honey,” the second single from the EP and a melancholic-pop track packed full of gorgeous vocals and lush instrumentation. It is a mesmerizing track about making the wrong decision time and time again and being unable to change, and though it is melodramatic, Thandii pulls off the drama well with a gossamer synth-pop melody that’s nearly impossible to forget.

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 9.22.10 PM
The single artwork. 

“Honey” begins with smooth synth and sharp drums to punctuate the softness, but the track itself is a dream. Airy vocals and an oddly cheerful background melody create a sharp dissonance with angsty lyrics (“Take me home/I’m on the floor”), but it is this dissonance that makes the track so haunting.

It is a soft and gauzy synth-pop track, but it is difficult to forget the lead singer begging, “Honey, won’t you save me from myself?” by the end of the track’s nearly five-minute runtime. That key lyric seems to echo, not necessarily in physical sound, but instead in the desperation of the languid, drawn-out background instrumentals.

But not everything about “Honey” is quite so light, and it is more than melancholic. It is also startlingly rich, with an electric indie-rock guitar plucking accompanied by thick string punctuations in the background of the bridge. It is strong, despite the tendency of the synth and vocals to float like wispy clouds across a clear blue sky. Still, there is something almost mystical about the dark pop track, and it is difficult to listen only once.

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Photo courtesy of Thandii. 

“Honey” simply serves as a tantalizing peek into Thandii’s forthcoming EP, Serious Town, which will be released on July 5 on the band’s label, Bad Hacker. Pre-save the EP via all streaming services here, and in the meantime, check out the single below:


Originally published on Indientry on May 24, 2019.