Hazel Bloom‘s latest alternative pop EP, Space Between Words on a Page, comprises five ultimate chill pop tracks, two new and three singles. Released Friday, June 14, the EP solidifies Hazel Bloom’s identity as a solo musician, and while it is all exciting, catchy and on-trend, Hazel Bloom maintains a uniqueness and individuality and provides listeners with a slick pop foray into stories of love, heartbreak and life.

artworks-000531181380-3zeymz-t500x500.jpgThough Hazel Bloom’s music is unique in its cool rhythms and sleek synth, it is clear that Dave Carlin – the singer-songwriter behind the project – is tapped into musical trends, because his EP also fits the chill musical mood of the moment. His five tracks are smooth, electronic and poppy but also light and low-maintenance. Everything about Space Between Words on a Page is languid and easy; “Royal,” the first track, exemplifies this well: the build-up in the chorus bursts into a surprisingly low-key post-chorus synth instrumental, a formula that is widespread in popular music right now.

Even the more upbeat tracks on the EP are mellow; “Life” closes out the collection of songs, and though it is an energetic and jewel-toned track compared to the relaxed haze of the others, there is still a sense of lightness to the music as Carlin sings, “We were just kids/Living for the hell of it.”

Yet despite catchy melodies and on-trend dynamics, Carlin maintains a sense of individuality on Hazel Bloom’s EP. At times, the composition of the individual musical parts is downright beautiful: “Royal” holds a steady drum beat as the synth pulses in triplet rhythms, and Carlin’s vocals are smooth and strong among gorgeous harmonies. Later, “Nobody’s Nothing” uses lightly bouncing synth as Carlin croons, “We think too much/We feel too little,” and a saxophone feature adds unique texture to “I Loved You, Once,” with its hissing percussion and glistening synth-pop lick.

Hazel Bloom.jpg
Photo by Racheal Provencher.

Hazel Bloom’s Space Between Words on a Page easily fits the chill music trend of the moment, but the combination of his sincerity and uniqueness indicates that these five songs will stick around for much longer. Each of the five effortlessly-cool tracks is a perfect way to beat the impending summer heat, too, so check out the EP via SoundCloud below or on all streaming platforms here.

Originally published on Indientry on June 18, 2019.