Blending modern and vintage sounds, “edge pop” trio Hannah Who‘s latest double-single release (“Living Color” and “Vanity Fair,” out July 8) is meant to sonically emulate the imagery of a romantic ’80s movie, according to the Texas band. The two poppy tracks are effortlessly catchy and idyllic, using cool guitar and bass melodies, smooth vocals and crisp drum beats to create twin love songs.

unnamed.jpgEach of the two tracks is equally smooth; “Living Color” introduces the pair with an electric, shimmering indie pop sound, with an edge in the guitar picking and crisp drum beats that are vaguely reminiscent of disco music. The combination of these things creates a consistently clear sound, despite smooth, shining vocals and a relatively fluid-feeling rhythm.

Both tracks, too, have an idyllic feel, a quality that aligns well with the origin of the two songs – according to the band, the two were inspired by a short romantic fling almost like those in classic ’80s movies: too good to be true and, as a result, short-lived. “Living Color” and “Vanity Fair,” however, stem from the first part of the trope when the protagonist is in love and everything seems perfect, hence gooey lyrics like, “I swear I saw your picture in the Vanity Fair/I think you’re just what I needed,” on the latter track.

Thus, “Vanity Fair” is a sweet love song, yet it forms a neat sonic counterpart to “Living Color” because it feels deeper at first, though the emotional potency matches that of the first track. It feels cool and soft, and a brighter, pretty melody in the bridge brings an element of levity to an otherwise lyrically- and musically-intense track – one that features lyrics like, “I’m breathing you in/And my heart is on fire/And I can’t wait another minute.”

Photo by Tony Phan.

“Living Color” and “Vanity Fair” are a perfectly bite-sized hint of what is still to come from Hannah Who. The two tracks serve as a great introduction to the band’s discography – two other EPs and a few singles – as well as a teaser for the singles that the band is allegedly still working on. Check out “Living Color” and “Vanity Fair” via Apple Music or, below, Spotify.

Originally published on Indientry on July 9, 2019.