New Zealand quartet Miss June rips their way through the eleven alternative rock tracks that compose their debut record, Bad Luck Party, out Friday, September 6 on Frenchkiss Records. It’s a red-hot album with ragged guitar riffs, unapologetically bold vocals, and startling frenetic energy, and its irresistible punk music is downright electrifying.

792290.jpgMiss June is no stranger to grit: Bad Luck Party opens with grungy guitar chords and a definitively rock energy as “Twitch” sets the tone for the album well with its catchy beat and punky tones. It’s followed by “Best Girl,” a track that represents Miss June’s music even more comprehensively – it’s highly rhythmic and its melody roars its way along, and frontwoman Annabel Liddel’s vocals are dry as she unabashedly states, “It’s a bad luck party/And nobody wins but me.”

Liddel carries this same bold attitude throughout the album as a whole (later in “Best Girl”: “I wanna be your best girl/I wanna be the one who takes down the world/Heard a rumor that it’s a boys’ world/Heard about, I heard about that girl”). Her confrontation is anything but angsty as she takes on misogyny and injustice, though, and her wit is matched in maturity only by the healthy grunge-rock sound of the music.

The rest of the record continues in a similar fashion, featuring tracks with distorted electric lines (“Enemies”); bitter, screeching, uncontrollable anger as Liddel yells and whales on her guitar (“Aquarium”: “I could’ve been anything but instead I chose to be with you”); a more low-key track with a touch of dissonance that later bursts into something more hearty (“Double Negative”); and a deeply resonant, dark bass track (“Scorpio”).

By the end of Bad Luck Party, listeners are left exhausted after a remarkable punk-rock catharsis, yet there’s something entirely magnetic about the frenetic energy of the album that makes fans want to press play again and again.

379331.jpgBad Luck Party marks a strong debut for Miss June; the quartet – frontwoman Annabel Liddel, guitarist Jun Park, bass player Chris Marshall and drummer Tom Leggett – rips their way through eleven tracks, wailing and pounding and roaring. It’s a magnetic, irresistibly punky album, and not just because Miss June demands attention. Stream and purchase “Twitch” and “Best Girl,” the first two songs on the album, via Bandcamp below.

Originally published on Indientry on September 5, 2019.