Los Angeles indie-pop musician Girl Wilde debuted a chaotic, bubbly Probably Crying EP on Friday, October 11. Probably Crying comprises three previously released singles, two new tracks and a whole lot of grungy pop music; the end result is mesmerizing.

bc530328-dcb1-4f6d-9cc3-810ab173be31.jpgPerhaps the most impressive thing about Probably Crying is its contrast between bubblegum and grunge, between catchy pop and stark vulnerability. Girl Wilde intentionally layers bubbly melodies with lyrics that tackle depression, anxiety and sexuality in a boldly honest rebellion, and at the same time, a fuzzy bass lick meets a shimmering riff.

And though these contrasting bits often fall together neatly, there’s also a chaotic tint to the music; perhaps it shines through as Girl Wilde sings, “I like to self-sabotage,” on “I Don’t Wanna Die,” an aggressively in-your-face, percussive track with dance-pop vocals and low, cool guitar. Or perhaps it’s on “BATSHiT,” a more distorted and warping track comprised of a series of musical interjections and a massive chorus, during which Girl Wilde shrieks, “Oh my god, you make me wanna go batshit!”

Regardless of its origin, this reckless energy is precisely what makes the record feel so real. It’s not a spotless pop EP; rather, gravelly bass lines and unabashed lyrics dealing with mental health bring an element of authenticity to the EP, and Girl Wilde’s glimmering pop music is made honest by its gritty, grungy, messy aspects, both sonically and lyrically.

“For many years I felt like my voice had been stifled and I can proudly say that this EP is my first step towards freedom,” said Girl Wilde about Probably Crying. “I am excited to finally speak my truth and unapologetically be myself.”

Photo by Rosabelle Eales.

Probably Crying is a stunningly honest, cathartic debut that shows off Girl Wilde’s depth and catchiness at the same time. Her musicality is impressive, and she shows off a vulnerable side in her lyrics; this sonic blend results in a neat contrast, yet the chaos of it all keeps the music grounded in reality. The resulting product is a refreshingly honest (yet plenty danceable) set of five poppy tracks, and though it is only a debut, Probably Crying indicates strong music to come from Girl Wilde.

Stream Probably Crying on all music services, and check out the EP on Spotify below.

Originally published on Indientry on October 15, 2019.