Spartan Jet-Plex, also known as Nancy Kells, a dark experimental folk musician and collective member and facilitator of Grimalkin Records, released their latest and perhaps spookiest record on Thursday, October 31. Titled Resurrected, the new album lies somewhere between folk and electronica as it explores intensely eerie social and political themes.

Resurrected_BC.jpgResurrected is spine-tingling and captivating right from the start; “Fear” opens the record with a chilling whispered vocal sample before launching into a deep, rich piano melody and Kells’ smooth vocals croon (“Blood in fear, blood in streams/They can fill you with my tears”).

And while not every song follows the same formula, Kells uses their warbling, powerful voice to tether each spooky track to the next. “Clown (Spell)” provides a witchy 49-second interlude complete with piano and a hushed, reversed, warping vocal segment, for example, as the album transitions from the first track into “Material,” a grungier track featuring guitar and a slight vocal echo.

Even “Meant,” which features strong, clear main vocals alongside a gently-strumming acoustic guitar and a slightly echoing, layered background voice, is ghostly enough in its lyrical quality (“If I’m meant to go/It was by fear/And you can show/The truth that breaks me down/It closes doors”).

Every track, regardless of its instrumental content, feels unearthly in some manner. Many tracks use the same warping reversed-vocal effect as “Fear” and “Clown (Spell),” including “Witch (Spell),” another brief (36-second) instrumental interlude that ends the record. Yet the folk music is also surprisingly accessible with its clear melodies and powerful vocals. Overall, the effect is stunning and creates a haunting record perfect for its Halloween release date.

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Owens.

Proceeds from Resurrected support future physical releases on Grimalkin, and fans can purchase the album on both limited edition cassette and full length 10″ lathe cut. Spartan Jet-Plex also released today a limited edition 7″ of both versions of “Stop” featured on Godless Goddess and Resurrected. Digital download codes of Godless Goddess and Resurrected, along with other goodies, will come with every 7″ lathe cut purchase.

Listen to and purchase Spartan Jet-Plex’s Resurrected via Bandcamp below.

Originally published on Indientry on October 31, 2019.