Though One Less Bastard, the new EP out November 8 from London alternative pop-rock band Organised Scum, features sophisticated, political lyrical content, its lyrics are (both “intentionally and unintentionally,” according to the band) largely unintelligible behind a mask of distorted vocals, grungy guitars and heady drum rhythms.

Art by Steve Aylett.

One Less Bastard tackles the social and political issues facing London (and the world) in 2019: the climate crisis (“Green Deal,” “Heatmap”), the absurd nature of politics (“Skin Up There”), unaffordable housing (“New Slums in the Sky”) and a general sense of anxiety (“Heatmap”). It’s a sophisticated take on the neoliberal economics and politics of the day, and it focuses on the ways in which the poor suffer as inequality continues to grow.

Yet at the same time, the lyrics on One Less Bastard are all but unintelligible. The four tracks’ vocals are audible, though at times they are masked by a thick layer of grungy guitar and pounding drum beats, but the vocals are significantly distorted, echoing or otherwise altered. This unintelligible effect is, according to the band, both intentional and unintentional.

Lyrical content and discernability aside, the music comprising the four tracks on One Less Bastard takes on the genre of alternative pop-rock with a punky, middle-finger attitude. Its music is captivating and engaging, complete with neat harmonies (“Green Deal”), edgy rock music (“Heatmap”), heavy drums and a sweet guitar solo (“Skin Up There”) and bold vocals (“New Slums in the Sky”). Each track truly brings a new element of alternative goodness, whether it be a melody or a rhythm, and it results in a vibrant, mesmerizing, sophisticated alternative rock record.


70125982_551449415425576_2015266769169547264_o.jpgOne Less Bastard is a remarkably grungy, rocking alternative EP, especially considering it is the band’s second of the year – Compliance, the band’s first EP of 2019, was released in May. Check out One Less Bastard via all musical platforms, and stream the EP via Spotify below.

Originally published on Indientry on November 12, 2019.