November feels like a never-ending Thursday with gloomy skies and a weird blend of rain and snow, but the month wraps up with a weekend of warmth and gratitude. Though Thanksgiving has a troubling history fraught with colonialism (here are some great resources for education on Thanksgiving and Native American History Month), it’s also a time to sit down and relax, taking a break from work to reflect on the past 11 months.

Songs To Be Thankful For.jpg

This year, there were a lot of great songs. This month’s iteration of Tapes aims to celebrate several such songs; “Songs To Be Thankful For” showcases 10 recently-released tracks that range from mellow acoustic to energizing electronic.

Personally, school and work have overtaken my schedule this semester. Both Indientry and music in general have fallen to the side – noticeable because of my irregularly-posted reviews – but as the semester wraps up in the next two weeks, I hope to re-orient and get back on track to end the year with several Best of 2019 features.

In the meantime, these are ten tracks that have kept me moving through the cold, dreary November days in Ohio. I hope they move you, too.

Listen to “Songs To Be Thankful For” via Spotify below.

Originally published on Indientry on November 30, 2019.