Singer-songwriter Noah Kittinger began to make and release music under the moniker Bedroom in 2012, but after a hiatus began in 2015, Bedroom was silent for four years. Kittinger released his first single in four years in May 2019, and now, in January 2020, he has released another dreamy bedroom-pop track, titled “Gulf” and accompanied by an equally hazy, gorgeous music video.


Kittinger’s music is known for its honesty and authenticity, and its catchy yet home-grown sound. “Gulf” is no different: the track is dreamy and gauzy, floating through four minutes of gently floating indie pop-rock music punctuated by little more than a colorful guitar melody and, on occasion, a saxophone.

The track moves slowly as Kittinger sings lyrics that are just as mystical as the track and the video themselves (Won’t you/Give me something/That I know/I know/Weightless/With no patience”). The song lacks energy, but it feels intentional, as if Kittinger is worn and weary from a long day.

That said, despite its lo-fi timbre and mellow pace, “Gulf” does not drag. The aforementioned guitar, with the help of Kittinger’s deep, rich, dark-chocolatey vocals and a few other instruments, including a tinny vintage-sounding keyboard and a smooth drum rhythm, keeps the song moving throughout.

Noah Porch Edit.png
Photo courtesy of Force Field PR.

“Gulf” gives Bedroom a wonderful, dreamlike start to the new decade. The track itself is beautiful, moving slowly and smoothly through a nebulous four-minute series of gauzy instruments and decadent vocals, and the music video provides an intriguing complement to the song.

Find Bedroom’s newest single, “Gulf,” out on all musical platforms now, and watch the music video via YouTube below.

Originally published on Indientry on January 14, 2020.