From bars and house shows to Lobsterfest and Number Fest in the spring, Athens, Ohio is buzzing with music year-round. This year is no exception; 2018 is the seventh year of Falloutfest, a three-night music festival in September hosted by Blackout Booking at The Union.

The festival serves as a supplement to Blackoutfest, the booking company’s larger festival that’s usually hosted in the spring or summer. Blackoutfest has been around for more than 21 years as of this past July, but Falloutfest is its younger sibling, happening at a time when Ohio University students are back on campus and are looking for weekend entertainment.

This year, night one of Falloutfest features delicate pop-rockers Diet Cig, known for their irresistible songs and intimate rebellion against anyone who tells you to be something other than exactly who you are. Columbus indie rock favorites Hidden Places—returning to Athens after a performance at ACRN’s Lobsterfest in the spring—The Wastemen and LA “tenderpunk” band illuminati hotties will kick off the night.

The second night’s lineup, planned for Friday, Sept. 21, promises an evening of artful rock music, with the genre-mashing New York band Guerilla Toss headlining. They will be accompanied by Lung’s cello-infused rock, avant-garage band DANA, Tokyo dance-core group The Molice and Athens locals Slackluster.

Finally, Mourning [A] BLKstar will close out the festival’s third night with its unique blend of punk and hip-hop, which emerged out of a creative crisis following the murder of frontman RA Washington’s close friend. LINQUA FRANQA is slated to open the night with her feminist-inspired indie hip-hop, accompanied by Dominique Larue, Weird Science and Queer Kevin.

Falloutfest 2018 will be held at The Union in Athens, Ohio from September 20-22. Doors open each night at 8 p.m. and it’s 18+. Tickets are $20 on Thursday, $15 on Friday and $10 on Saturday; they are on sale now and can be found here.

Originally published on In The Record Store on September 12, 2018.