The Cordial Sins has embraced the beauty of simplicity in “Control,” the band’s latest single.

Frontwoman Liz Fisher says the biggest struggle in writing the song was trying not to overthink its “simple chord progression” – which is exactly why she likes it. While the progression itself is not complex, the structure and rhythmic shifts in the track forced the band to rely on these cues to get through the song.

One of the Cordial Sins’ goals with its new EP (“Only Human,” out Oct. 21) is to make its music more accessible, and “Control” is no exception. The single is more “pop-oriented” than their previous alternative rock, as guitarist Corey Dickerson says, despite ‘90s post-grunge influences. “Control” is premiering on In The Record Store radio all week, and can also be heard below and on Bandcamp.

Originally published on In The Record Store on September 27, 2017.