The 11 disco-meets-electropop tracks on multimedia artist ionnalee‘s newest album, REMEMBER THE FUTURE, pulse as if each is its own living being. Out Friday, May 31 on To whom it may concern., the record is the Swedish musician’s second under this moniker and features seemingly endless electronic music.

Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 10.10.06 AM-1.jpgREMEMBER THE FUTURE is a lush disco album, and each of its 11 tracks seems almost alive. The record itself feels like throbbing heartbeats and closed eyes and dancing bodies in a dark room; that is to say that it is not only artful but also catchy and conducive to dancing and moving to the pounding beats. It is light and intricately-woven with a near-flawless production, and there is a brightness and hope to the music, which musician Jonna Lee says details hope in the face of the “dystopia” of destroying our planet.

The music itself comprises Lee’s smooth, airy vocals and electrifying synth and cool beats; it is energetic and just warping enough to be spacey. Each track is distinct: “ISLANDER” is an instrumental with wispy waves of synth that build into thumping bass before returning, whereas “MATTERS” has huskier vocals and a darker pop sound and “CRYSTAL” is slower with a bit of a swing. There is no weak link on the album, however, and Lee maintains a strong, throbbing energy throughout.

“OPEN SEA” is the lead single and was released in February, and as the first song, it is a strong introduction to the record. The song is effortlessly catchy and melodic, with a steadily pulsing beat and airy, gossamer vocals in the midst of an electronic synth background.

And though this album is alive enough on its own, Jonna Lee is a Swedish producer and director as well as a singer and songwriter. She is part of the cryptic multimedia project iamamiwhoami, which presents audiovisual material with its electronic music, and this record features stunning visual elements, too. All of this serves to bring REMEMBER THE FUTURE even more to life.

Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 10.08.56 AM-1.jpg
Photo by John Strandh.

Aside from the album release, ionnalee has exciting plans for 2019: a string of tour dates that span across the world occupy the majority of her year, and though the USA dates ended in early May, fans in Europe can look forward to shows in October and November. In the meantime, and for fans in other parts of the world, preorder the album below or on ionnalee’s website.

Originally published on Indientry on May 30, 2019.