While the band Whatever We Are refuses to limit itself by defining its music by genre, the group’s debut single, “LIMBO,” was released on May 31 and rings somewhere close to alternative pop. It’s a fun, fresh track with catchy melodies and clean acoustic strumming, and though the four musicians have varying backgrounds, their collective sound is unified.

1.jpg“LIMBO” is a surprisingly cohesive track given the band’s puzzle-piece background; the quartet was originally four solo musicians who discovered incredible energy when they worked as a group, so they decided to move into a shared house-slash-studio to make music together full-time. The result is a democratic blend of the four musicians’ unique styles that mixes distinct personalities and backgrounds as each artist contributes equally to the band’s songs, and the music defies the boundary of genre.

“Our mission is to carry this theme of breaking boundaries much farther than music, and inspire others to be undeniably true to who they are,” said Joey Castellani, a writer, producer and singer for the band. “No judgment, no limitations, just open-mindedness.”

The music on the track itself is refreshing and upbeat. It begins with even acoustic guitar strumming and smooth, rich vocals, and the chorus is reminiscent of 2000s pop songs: two vocalists sing in octave unison, the beat is bright and a mild electronic synth pulses throughout. It is all very light, despite the feeling of being lost conveyed in the vocals (“I see light flash before my eyes/All I see now is a window/To my life, from inside my mind/Feeling like I’m stuck in limbo”), and the track as a whole is accessible and highly melodic.

Photo by Ryan Jay. 

“LIMBO” is Whatever We Are’s debut single, and it lays a solidly upbeat, catchy foundation for any future releases the band may have. For now, however, check out “LIMBO” below and on all streaming platforms:

Originally published on Indientry on May 31, 2019.