Experimental shoegaze artist Hunting Dog – who is also a member of DIY music collective Grimalkin Records – will release their first physical album on Friday, August 9; Body will be available digitally, on limited cassettes (with a bonus secret track on each side) and on lathe cut. It’s a haunting, mesmerizing and trippy record, and Hunting Dog was kind enough to talk to Indientry about the album and their live shows. Check out the interview below.


Indientry: Hi, Hunting Dog! How are you?

Hunting Dog: Pretty Great, Living.

What kinds of albums are you listening to most right now?

Right now we’re mainly listening to a lot of ’90s Jungle and Acid, missed out on a lot of it and feels like you could just do that forever.

Nancy of Grimalkin told me that your live shows are pretty mesmerizing. Can you tell me a little bit about those and what they look like?

Well, we kind of see the live shows as rituals (or maybe anti-rituals) in themselves. Each one is a different live mix and variation on the songs, each one gets its own bit of poetry and in a way we kind of try and see if I can wake and interact with the audience via tones and moods and things, so they can be kind of heady at times.

You’ve got this super fascinating shoegazey, experimental electronic record (Body) coming out in August. What can you tell me about it?

Well, it’s our first physical release and we hope that it’s our worst, (kidding), but we honestly hope that it will introduce some of our friends and contemporaries to some fun ideas, it’s kind of serving as a primer for us also learning a lot of how we want to sound going into the future.

Where did the inspiration for that album come from?

Most of the inspiration comes from my experiences with mental health, spirituality, dealing with things too heavy and coming through somewhat clean.

How do you think Body is different from your previous releases?

We actually see it kind of as a culmination of everything else we’ve done, really just stepping out being seen for the first time feels like a big enough thing in itself and hopefully, things only get more interesting.

You’ve chosen the Food Clothing & Resistance Collective to donate the proceeds of your cassette sales to. Why that organization?

Well, they’re one of the more active Grassroots collectives on the coast and I think that I’ll always support people doing work for and by themselves over bigger orgs.

What’s next for you and your music?

Something heavy and dark, a bit more sinister maybe, we have a lot to get off of our chest and have recently been addicted to techno, so something definitely influenced by The Jungle craze.

Is there anything else about you that you want readers to know?

The past is as undecided as the future, and the future is accessible now.

Hunting Dog’s Body is out Friday, August 5. In the meantime, check out the rest of the Grimalkin Records roster and listen to the fifth track on the album, Hunting Dog’s “My Body,” below.

Originally published on Indientry on August 8, 2019.