California alt-pop outfit Margot Polo’s latest track maintains the musician’s synth-pop roots while incorporating organic rock threads and darker lyrics; “Let’s Get Out” is out August 9 and is Margot Polo’s first release of 2019. Its magnetic hooks and strong melodies make the song a near-perfect summer anthem, and musician David Provenzano blends in just enough darkness and static to keep the music from becoming too idyllic.

Let's Get Out - artwork

At first, “Let’s Get Out” feels like a flawless summer jam: the bass line lays a strong foundation in the beginning as sharp drums hold a steady rhythm behind smooth vocals and guitar. The melody is sunny and the choruses are golden, bursting into a wave of catchy, belt-along indie pop music.

While the music is bright and anthemic, however, the lyrical content features just enough of this generation’s melancholy as Provenzano sings about summer escapism and wanting to feel free and light again. The feeling is subtle, but that delicate touch of angst is what makes the track so intriguing.

“There’s a line in the song about ‘going west on Highway 1,’” said Provenzano in an email. “This is bit of a dark joke; everyone in California knows Highway 1 goes north to south. If you go west it means you’re toppling over the cliffs.”

Regardless, the song’s hooks and melody still mark “Let’s Get Out” as among the best kinds of indie pop songs: upbeat, infectious and energetic. The rich textures of a low, rich bass melody combined with a bright indie rock guitar, pretty vocal harmonies and just a touch of static show a modernity to Margot Polo’s music, and the bold whooping and cheering of the background vocals make the track’s energy downright electric.

MARGOT POLO - Promo Shot 2019.jpg
Photo by Jered Scott.

“Let’s Get Out” is a thrilling pop track that also happens to come in advance of a five-song EP from Margot Polo to be released later this fall. To stay in the loop, check out their social media for more information, and in the meantime, check out “Let’s Get Out” below.

Originally published on Indientry on August 9, 2019.