Songwriter Caroline White – also known as Infinity Crush – tackles joy, loneliness and love through the dreamy bedroom-pop soundscape that is her second album, Virtual Heaven. Out August 9, 2019, on Joy Void, the record comes two years after White’s initial debut and though it clocks in under half an hour, its 13 gauzy pop tracks feel like thoughtful and vulnerable explorations of what it means to be human.

705205.jpgVirtual Heaven is nothing if not dreamy: shimmering keyboards, mellow guitars and velvet vocals blend in an effortlessly otherworldly mix of sounds, layering pretty melodies and, at times, rich vocal harmonies. Occasionally, a deeply-toned violin jumps into the mix, adding decadence to the already-complex album. Yet none of the music is overwhelming. Instead, it’s all a very specific niche of hazy and lush bedroom-pop music that somehow remains quiet enough to feel sheer.

It’s an idyllic sound, and at first, White matches that feeling with heavy romanticism in her lyrics. Though spaced far apart on the record, “Misbehaving” (“And I’m falling/And I’m falling/And I’m falling into you”) and “Minnesota” (“Come pick me up/Come take me down/We can just drive around/We can just kiss on the mouth”) both feel like love letters.

Yet White doesn’t stray too far from reality – in both lyrical and musical content, she examines the dynamics and dualism of human existence, whether subtly through a pair of melodies on “Haze” or more overtly, on “Car,” where she croons about confusion and a lover (“Heaven hurts and heaven stings/And heaven feels like nothing/I get too high/I sleep it off/I wake up feeling pure and soft”). It’s a stunning effect, and it adds yet another layer of complexity to Virtual Heaven.

888324Though it is only her second record, Virtual Heaven shows off White’s musical and life maturity; she explores complex tracks with ease while highlighting the often dualistic nature of human relationships and situations. Overall, it’s a stunning sophomore album, and it promises even stronger things to come from White and Infinity Crush. In the meantime, however, check out Virtual Heaven via Bandcamp below.

Originally published on Indientry on August 13, 2019.